BA (Hons) Media and Communications

(Registered under Chapter 493, Registration Number: 252809)

In this programme, students will

  1. Create media content, such as advertising and public-relations campaigns, blogs and digital design pieces, including short films and apps.

  2. Carry out research using methods such as questionnaire surveys, content analysis, focus groups and interviews.

  3. Analyse the meanings of advertisements, texts or films, and how media organisations work, by applying relevant theories and frameworks.

  4. Develop management, project planning and team-working skills.

  5. Gain valuable practical experience.


As part of your degree you have the option to join an international study tour to the CCCU Canterbury Campus. Taking part in the international tour will give you the opportunity of living and experiencing a different country and culture in the safe environment of the university. 

Programme Structure

Module: Advertising Practices

Assessment: Coursework

Module: Multi-media Practice

Assessment: Coursework

Module: Individual Research Project

Assessment: Coursework

Module: Youth Culture

Assessment: Coursework

Module: Professional Work Based Learning

Assessment: Coursework 

Module: Media Future

Assessment: Coursework

"It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead."